Morr Meroz

Animation Filmmaker | Author
Morr Meroz is an animation filmmaker, author, the founder of Bloop Animation and The Snowlands Company
After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, Morr founded Bloop Animation Studios in 2013 and started producing animated short films. In addition to making films, Morr launched Bloop Animation’s educational initiative, which has become a leading animation learning platform with over 20K students that features dozens of courses, tutorials, and guidebooks about animation filmmaking. In 2020, Morr founded The Snowlands Company to produce books and graphic novels, including the new Snowlands graphic novel series for middle grade readers.
Bloop Animation Studios
The Snowlands Company


Morr has written and directed 3 animated short films


Morr is the author of a popular animation guidebook and an original graphic novel


Morr is available for speaking engagements in schools, conferences and panels


Morr occasionally teaches as a guest lecturer in schools, including his Alma Mater - SVA